Ouvrez les fenêtres de votre coeur (codeinconnu) wrote,
Ouvrez les fenêtres de votre coeur

tan lines and royal wedding

Ribs have just about mended, thankfully before hayfever season really started. Dont feel quite as flexibile as before. Think i'll need to do some exercises and stretches to try and improve that. Will also need to start thinking about diet, i've put on about 6kg due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits.

In just over two weeks time i've got the Etape Caledonia so really pleased I will be able to ride that. Well attempt to ride it as I dont think 2 weeks is enough training time. Perhaps of bigger concern is what the extra 6kg is going to look like in lycra shorts - will my bum look big in this....hell yes! Was out for a couple of rides this week and already started getting the ridiculous cyclist tan lines. Sun tanned arms, white hands (with a brown bit where the velcro fastener on the glove is), white thighs, brown knees and lower legs then white where the socks would be. It will continue to get worse as a couple more sunny rides and you will be able to tell where the sunglasses and helmet would be!


It is the royal wedding tomorrow, i have tried to avoid most of the hype but it has been hard, and has become overbearing as the day approaches. As Republicans go i am pretty moderate and gradualist - i dont really have a big problem with the queen remaining in her position as head of state until she dies - purely for the practical reason that it will save a lot of hassle and when she does go it will signal the end of an era that the country can then move on from and join the 21 Century (or indeed the 18th Century). Charles might be a dick but despite this I dont want his head chopped off - the return of land, buildings, assets and art collection to public ownership and the benefit of the nation as a whole will be enough. But seeing all the hype, or more importantly the seeming public enthusiasm, saddens me somewhat as this is never going to happen in my lifetime. Maybe there was a period in the mid 90s when things might have been different, they had lost a alot of the subservient deferrence and had begun to be seen as a sleazy anachronism but somehow they have managed to reinvent the institution / family in tune with current trends in vacuous celebrity culture.

Btw did anyone notice the Middleton family launching their own coat of arms last week and the description of the content - "the white lines symbolise the family love of skiing"....Not only did this make the news it was also reported seriously - It was like something out of Brass Eye!
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