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It may have arrived on British TV a bit late but so far i've really been enjoying Treme. Before starting i'd read some criticism about the pacing and narrative structure, but frankly those critics were idiots! The narrative structure is indeed a bit different from a conventional drama because of the role musical performance play but it works really well. By and large I don't like musicals that much because often it feels like the music, song and dance get in the way of the storyarc - or the story gets in way of the music. Then there is the structure of plot -> the music -> the plot -> the music, i find it to be quite compartmentalised and lacking the sort of natural flow that either good music or good film on their own has. More often than not the plot of musicals is hackneyed nonsense. I guess in some ways the relationship of a musical to music and film is like that of pornography to sex and film. It takes more than nakedness and sex for something to actually be sexy. Of course i'm probably missing the point with that - people who like musicals/porn don't watch for the plot, that is only there as filler in between the songs/sex. With Treme though it is so much more than a musical as the acting, writing and directing are all excellent too. Then when the music happens it just feels natural because it is ingrained in the plot and narrative (and the city of New Orleans itself) so that is all meshes together perfectly.

Alongside Mad Men my favourite show on TV at the moment


Just downloaded firefox 4, currently at the awkward stage of finding my way around an unfamiliar GUI. But seems quite good so far.
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