Ouvrez les fenêtres de votre coeur (codeinconnu) wrote,
Ouvrez les fenêtres de votre coeur

Some movie stuff - oscars and glasgow film festival

Well seeing as the Oscars were last night I suppose I should start with that.

Happy to see Slumdog Millionaire win all its awards. Also glad Sean Penn won best actor for Milk. Partly because he was good in it, but mostly because I've disliked seeing Mickey Rourke become rehabilitated from wife beating outcast back to movie star largely thanks to the Wrestler. Waltz with Bashir should have won something - although in saying that Gomorrah should have had a nomination or two too. And Wall-E should really have had a nomination for best picture. Those robots conveyed more emotional depth to their relationship than that displayed in Benjamin Button and the Reader!

It was also the Glasgow Film Festival over the last couple of weeks so i've been at the cinema quite alot. Saw some classics that were being re-run too - there was an Audrey Hepburn retrospective so that was good. Here were the best of what i watched;

Johnny Mad Dog - A movie about child soldiers in Liberia. Reminscent in many ways to City of God. Really good and will definitely be checking this out again when it gets its full release.

In the Loop - The film version of the Thick of It (one of my favourite comedy series of recent years.) Doesn't disappoint. Although many of the actors are the same, only Peter Capaldi as Tucker (the best character in the series) plays in the same role. James Gandolfini is added to the cast and it moves out of Whitehall and into American politics at the State Department. I wonder how it will get on - if it had come out a couple of years ago then I think it could have become a cult hit in both Britain and the US but now the times have changed somewhat so the audience might not be out there to the same extent.

Tokyo - three short films by different directors rolled into one. Basically 'Paris J'taime' and 'New York New York' but with Tokyo. Quite good, although a bit mixed. The segments from Michel Gondry and Boon Joon-ho were the best, very quirky as you can expect from them.

MR 73 - Olivier Marchal's last film '36' was billed as the 'French Heat' then I guess this will be billed as the 'French Se7en'. Pretty good. Although as a story of an alcoholic detective struggling for redemption it does cross into cliche at times. Think that it is actually pretty old, it was released in France about a year ago its only getting an international release now.

Let the Right One In - This is a Swedish vampire story about a troubled boy who falls in love with a girl who happens to be, surprise surprise, a vampire. To be honest, I thought this was the weakest film I watched over the last couple of weeks, yet it was the film that got the best audience reaction with everyone standing and applauding at the end! It has also reviewed pretty well and is even in imdb.coms top 250. So i'll give it another go on DVD when it is eventually released and see what im missing.
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